Working papers

  • Bovari, E.  and Court, V. (2019). Energy, knowledge, and demo-economic development in the long run: a unified growth model. Chair Energy & Prosperity Working Paper. (Link to article)
  • Bourcet, C. and Bovari, E. (2019). Exploring citizens’ decision to crowdfund renewable energy projects: quantitative evidence from France. Under review.


  • Bovari, E., Giraud, G., and McIsaac, F. (2019). Financial impacts of climate change mitigation policies and their macroeconomic implications: a stock-flow consistent approach, Climate Policy, (Link to article)
  • Bovari, E., Giraud, G., and McIsaac, F. (2018). Coping with Collapse: A Stock-Flow Consistent Monetary Macrodynamics of Global Warming.  Ecological Economics, 147, 383-398. (Link to article)
  • Bovari, E., Lecuyer, O., and Mc Isaac, F. (2018). Debt and damages: what are the chances of staying under the 2 °C warming threshold? International Economics, 155, 92-108. (Link to article)


Teaching assistant

  • 2017/2019. Applied microeconomics (University Paris Sud, 1st year Bachelor).
  • 2017/2018. General introduction to economics (ENPC, 3rd year Bachelor).